Hablamos Espanol

We Speak Spanish

We at the Law Office of Antoan Whidbee, PA provide all our clients with competent legal service. One thing that sets us apart from other offices is that we provide quality legal service to clients who speak Spanish. Our staff is fluent in both English and Spanish are a valuable in helping non-English speakers fully understand the court system and the legal process.  In most cases not only do we fully explain all the potential outcomes in your case when you talk to us in the office or on the phone, but many times we also interpret for our clients in court so our clients fully understand what is being said to them by the judge, the prosecutor, and all court house personnel.

Many times when you encounter law enforcement in your home of in a traffic stop, communication can be a huge issue.  A lot of times situations which could easily be explained become more complicated when the parties can not understand each other. The smallest of things could land you in jail which could lead to paying expensive bond procedures, nights in jail, and deportation if you are not a legal resident. The Johnston County Jail has an process of screening persons who they think are not legal residents and it is not uncommon to have men and women held with ICE and immigration detainers awaiting deportation for things like driving with no driver’s license, driving while license revoked, and driving while impaired and other minor offenses. It is common that families are separated because of deportation and sometimes the people have cases that they have not yet been found guilty of. At the Law Office of Antoan Whidbee we can aid you through this process if we find out there is a deportation issue in a timely matter, and in many instances can help our clients secure a bond that enables people to find their way out of jail before the deportation process starts. The court process is not something to be afraid of and that process by itself does not get you deported from the county. But failure to go to court as directed most certainly will cause deportation.

Recently law enforcement and state District Attorney’s Offices have been critical of the fact that many Spanish speakers do not have proper documentation in particular driver’s licenses. The penalties have increased for constantly driving without a proper license and insurance. In most cases people who had a valid driver’s license can no longer get it renewed based on a change in the documentation requirements to do so. Do not let simply getting a ticket for no operators license turn into a larger problem by paying off the ticket or not going to court for it. In many instances with proper inspection of your driver’s license you can get these tickets taken care of with minimal stress and time away from work and your family. Many of these matters can be taken care of without you even having to come to court.  Let my office aid you in the proper handling of this matter.

Our office not only handles traffic matters, but also will represent you in all criminal cases both felony and misdemeanor.  Whether it is murder, drug crimes, assault, property crimes or traffic, we are ready to fight for you. Contact us so we can speak for you.